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Almost every new client now wants a mobile version of his website. After all, it's almost necessary: ​​a design for the BlackBerry, another for iPhone, iPad, Netbook, Kindle - and all screen resolutions must also be compatible. Over the next five years, we will probably have to design several inventions. When will the madness stop? In the field of web design and development, we are quickly reaching the point where we can not keep up with new solutions and new devices. For many websites, creating a website for each resolution and device would be impossible or at least impossible. Do we just have to suffer the consequences of losing visitors to a device in order to attract visitors from another? Or is there another option?. CODEZAD Technology is well positioned to design a site that responds to all devices configured for the visitor's device and screen resolution. Our designers are able to design a responsive, easy to use website for SEO, avoiding duplication and ensuring a healthy look on all devices. ..

Web Design85%

Web Development90%


Mobile App Development 95%

Software Testing 80%